Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Providence Wise

A few years ago I found a jewel of a little old book. It is an old hymnal from 1864 and it is a treasure trove of old hymns and poetry. I recently started reading through it again and wanted to share some of what I've read. This one is titled "Providence Wise"

Wait, oh, my soul, thy Maker's will;
Tumultuous passions, all be still!
Nor let a murmuring thought arise;
His ways are just, His counsels wise.

He in the thickest darkness dwells,
Performs His work, the cause conceals;
But though His methods are unknown,
Judgment and truth support His throne.

In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas,
He executes His firm decrees;
And by His saints it stands confessed,
That what He does is ever best.

Wait then, my soul, submissive wait,
Prostrate before His awful seat;
And, 'midst the terrors of His rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God.



  1. This poem is very encouraging! In fact a few of your blogs have provided some much needed encouragement. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and were encouraged :) It's good to hear from you...