About the Scribbler

       On January 15th of 2011 I moved to the city after living in the country my entire life. That was the day I married my Jacob, my best friend. I went from being a stay-at-home daughter in my father's house to being a helpmeet and homemaker. You can read our courtship story here.
 In my "former" life I've been a homeschool student, edited an e-zine for young women called With all of thy Heart, lived in Mexico for a year, was a milkmaid and  taught home economics.
  I'm the oldest of seven, the youngest having made her debut 3 months before my wedding.
 I'm a seamstress--I have a local business and also a webstore I'm getting up and running. You can visit it here : http://modisteoriginals.etsy.com. You can also see custom orders that I have made here: http://modisteoriginals.shutterfly.com
  I love babies, children, chocolate, homeschool conferences, books (new and old cast iron skillets, cows, smocking, knitting, crochet.....
  I usually have at least three or four projects in the works at the same time and they don't always get finished, unfortunately. I get my best inspirations at church and when I'm in the shower ;)
  I am passionate about homemaking and domesticity. I love making bread, soap, baking, cooking from scratch,  you name it, and I love sharing those skills with others. I love to see the light in someone's face when they realize that making bread or sewing on a button really wasn't as hard as they thought.
 More than anything, I love the Lord. I do not know where I would be without Him.  It continually amazes me how He orchestrates things and events in our lives to fulfill His plan and for His glory.
I hope you enjoy and are encouraged as you read this blog!