Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October already!

I can't believe October is here! Where has this year gone? It feels like it should still be in July or August.
 A cool front blew in last weekend and has made the temperature more bearable. Not quite hot chocolate weather, but at least now we don't have to worry about heat stroke. I can't wait to sit on the porch in the evenings with my honey and enjoy the weather.
 I've been busy with dress fittings, music practices and company the last week. The bridesmaid dresses are almost finished, though it is a little difficult since all the bridesmaids but one live about an hour away and work strange hours. Some of my creativity has been squelched by only working on one project at a time. I have probably close to fifteen (well, that may be an exaggeration) projects I'm dying to try, but I am going to finish the dresses first.
  My mom and sisters came to see me Friday. Faith says my name now and will take one or two steps by herself now. We all went to a few of the many resale shops that are close to my apartment and came home with some bargains :).
One of my finds was a very pretty king-size pillow case that I want to make into a little girl's nightgown. I found this tutorial and free pdf pattern and I can't wait to do it. I have never really cared for the pajamas that they make for little girls these days. I prefer old fashioned, modest and feminine little gowns :) And if they are made from pretty pillowcases, how much cuter can they get?
 After my mom and sisters left, my oldest little brother came and stayed most of the weekend with us. He has been wanting to get into bow hunting so this weekend Jacob helped him get set up. We spent several hours at the Bass Pro Shop on Saturday. I'd never been to that store before and all I can say is "wow". It's like a Gander Mountain, Cracker Barrell and Buccee's all rolled into one.
 And last but not least, a somewhat amusing story for you:
 The last several weeks I've been threatening to make gumbo again. After the disaster last time I made gumbo, I've been a little reluctant to try it again. But it sounded great to Jacob for supper last night so I summoned up the courage to go at it again, this time vowing not to leave the stove at all.
  Jacob requested okra again (yikes!) and shrimp this time. I am clueless when it comes to shrimp. I don't eat shrimp so I do not know anything about it. My mom had always bought the shrimp and taken care of it. Jacob suggested just getting some frozen cocktail shrimp and using them. So I did. They worked out great.
  Well, supper was almost finished, the cornbread muffins were almost out of the oven and I was setting the table. I went to stir the gumbo one more time and heard Jacob's truck pull in. I started dishing up the gumbo and something just didn't look right. Then to my dismay, I realized that I'd forgotten the okra AGAIN! All I could was laugh. Jacob came in the door and I told him what happened and he started laughing (thank heavens!). So we just delayed supper until the okra I added was finished.
Wait, there's more. Look at this picture:

 Yes, guess who left the TAILS ON THE SHRIMP? As I said, I don't know anything about shrimp. Jacob popped one in his mouth and about 3 seconds later out came the tail. Thankfully, he laughed again.
  What is really funny is that he almost sent me a text to remind me to put okra in the gumbo, but decided not to because "surely she'll remember it this time."
 Oh the joys of domestic bliss!

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