Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Award!!!!!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I realized my little blog had been awarded the Liebster Blog award by Lisa @ Olive Plants all Around my Table.  She always leaves sweet, encouraging comments and I enjoy popping in for encouragement at her blog.

So, here is how the Liebster award works:  "liebster"  is a German word meaning friend, love, or dearest. It is awarded to blogs with 200 followers or fewer.  In order to accept the award, the honored blogger must write a post to thank the giver, with a link back to their blog...and then pass on the encouragement to five more bloggers.  

Here are my picks :) stop by, leave a comment and let them know where heard about them.

Brianna @ Fountain of Love

Andrea @ She Looks Well into the Ways of Her Household.

Elissa @ Crunchy Con Natural Health and Cosmetics

Stacie @ Thoughts from Stacie

Aimee @Cadeau Knitwear





  1. How nice of Lisa to give you this award. I also visit Lisa's blog, and it's a very encouraging place to visit. :)

    At any rate, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a kind comment. It was a pleasure to "meet" you. You certainly have a nice little place here. :)

    -M. Wildflower

  2. Thank YOU for stopping by! Thank you for the sweet note as well.