Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sewing Bee #5: Resources

Things have been so busy lately with the wedding project but it is beginning to wind down now. I’ll be delivering most of the dresses this week and my life should get back somewhat to normal.

Today’s post will be short, but I didn’t want to let another week go by without a Sewing Bee post.

One of my favorite things to do is look at sewing patterns online. There are so many! And there are so many new lovely feminine ones that have just been released. Many of them are very easy to make modest. Below are several pattern websites that I enjoy.

Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity patterns may be my favorite. They are easy to make and the instructions are easy to understand and follow. Their pattern sizes/body measurements are usually spot-on and very little adjusting is needed.

McCall’s Patterns

Butterick Patterns

One thing that I love about Butterick patterns is that they offer so many great vintage/retro  patterns.  The only drawback to their patterns is that they run a little small. I usually have to add a size or two to make them fit right, regardless of what size my measurements say I am.

Vogue Patterns

Also Vogue has an entire section devoted to vintage pattern reprints: Vintage Vogue

Sense and Sensibility Patterns


Here are a few ideas for posts for our sewing bee:

  • Tutorials: these can be for anything from how to put in a zipper to how to make your own pattern. These can be for clothing and accessories, for things for your home (curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, throw pillows) or how to fix and repair things.
  • Resources: websites and companies where you have purchased patterns, supplies and materials. Give us a review of different ones.
  • Book Reviews: There are scores of sewing books out there and it is always nice to read a review about one from a lady who has used it.
  • Favorite Patterns
  • Also, if you know of a great tutorial online, share the link here
  • In short, anything you’d like to share!

Guidelines for sharing in the Sewing Bee:

  • Join by using the link widget below. Submit your link and it will show up in the list at the bottom.
  • Grab a button from the sidebar to the right and place it in your Sewing Bee post. (If for some reason you are unable to get the button, please place a link back to this) This is so others can join in the fun too!
  • If you do not have a blog but would like to share something for the Sewing Bee, write it, email it to me (withallofthyheart@gmail.com) and I’ll post it as a guest post. (Be sure and send a photo of yourself too!)
  • As a courtesy to others, please make sure all of the posts submitted here are God-honoring. Keep it classy ladies ;)

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