Thursday, August 4, 2011

Febreze and Charcoal

It is probably a good thing that we don't have any little ones yet, as my latest smoke smell battling strategy is a tad messy: charcoal.
 Last night after church Jacob and I made a Walmart run for charcoal and more Febreze and a few more candles. We took the couch all apart and I'm airing the cushions out on the porch today, and I've been saturating his recliner with Febreze every time I think about it.
 Things are getting better and you can only smell the smoke when you first walk in the door--it nearly knocks you off your feet, but it only takes a minute to get used to it.
Hopefully the charcoal will help absorb more of the smell. We have about 6 aluminum pans full of charcoal scattered throughout the apartment and Jacob place some in the return air vent of our A/C. So we shall see.
 We are having the in-laws over for supper tonight and I'm going to fry chicken. Hopefully it will lessen the smell, not multiply it :)

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