Friday, August 19, 2011

Neat day...

I've been on a home decor/houseplanning/remodeling kick lately. I'm really starting to wish for a house and I am finding all sorts of neat ideas to incorporate into it. Enjoy :)

Old-fashioned looking drawer pulls for a dishtowel rack. I love this idea. It makes me think of my great grandmother's house--she had drawer pulls just like that.

Produce baskets on the wall. Not only is it functional, it's downright pretty, too.  I love wire baskets.

As afar as sinks go, it doesn't get much lovelier than this. I'm still not sure though if I would like a single sink--I'm pretty spoiled to a double sink. I love the wicker baskets used as drawers and the gingham curtain used instead of cabinet doors. Realistically speaking though, it would be much easier to keep a baby out of a cabinet with doors than one with a curtian. :) So I'll just keep dreaming....

And last but not least, the ESSENTIAL accessory for every fashion-conscious milk-maid on her way out to the milking parlour:

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  1. I love it! Especially the boots! I can definitely see you in those. :)