Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy--that's me!

So, what do you think of the new look? :) Comment and let me know! Thanks to ShabbyBlogs for the new look.
I've been so busy lately--life seems like it's been crazy the last few weeks. So other than laundry and giving the blog a facelift, what have I been up to?
 Our church choir has been busy practicing for a conference this week--that has taken up several evenings.
Jacob's cousin had her baby girl---she is sooo precious! I'm so excited because we get to be Aunt Bec and Uncle Jacob to her.
  My crafting side has really been showing the last few weeks, probably caused by my steady diet of DIY and crafting blogs.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words so here are a few of my life (in projects ;) ) lately.

This is one of the headbands we made at our Keepers of the Faith meeting. The girls did really well, and I think I am the only one that came away with any serious hot glue burns.

My most recent craze: fabric flowers. I love them! I like to put a pin on the back and wear them on my shirts. One of the ladies at church saw one I'd made and wanted one. They are so much fun to make. Maybe a tutorial in the future....
And I've almost finished another pineapple doily. I think they are beginning to become an addiction for me. My mom once remarked that they had the same effect on her, so maybe I'm not too badly off ;)

Last week I started a wedding project. I'll be making the bridesmaids' dresses from this pattern, using view B. The fabric they chose is lovely! Three of them will be latte' colored crepe back satin with chocolate brown belts and flowers, and the other (the matron of honor's dress) will be solid chocolate brown.
 I made a practice dress in my size out of some black and cream checkered suiting and it is adorable! I love the way it fits. I can't wait to see how the bridesmaids' dresses turn out :) Here are some pictures of what I've been doing:
Luscious, creamy, dreamy folds of crepe back satin....ahhhhhh

A bodice ready for the first fitting

Now I have to get back to the real world  and sew--not just talk about sewing. I need to make plans for supper and start another (!) load of laundry.  I think I hear a cup of coffee calling my name :) It must be the latte' colored fabric making me want some.

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