Thursday, September 22, 2011

He Always Provides!

The way the Lord always provides for His children never ceases to amaze me. I wanted to share something that happened in our lives recently.
Last week, the heating element in my dryer went out. Never a good thing to happen, but especially worse since I can't just run my clothes out to the clothesline. I realized this only after placing a load of clothes in the dryer and starting a new one in the washer--two loads of wet clothes that I couldn't do anything with.
 I called my mom just to make sure I wasn't missing something and she confirmed what I suspected--the heating element died. She had a spare one so when I went to see her the next day she sent it home with me. I spent part of the weekend at my in-laws doing laundry--which was pretty stacked up by then.
  The following Monday at work one of Jacob's customers came in and out of the blue asked him if he knew anyone that needed a dryer. His wife's washer had gone out and they bought a matching set and had a dryer to spare. Jacob told him that we might, but to let him see if the spare part we had would fix ours first.
  To make a long story short, the spare wasn't the right one, so Jacob and I headed to Lowes and Home Depot to no avail.  There was an appliance parts store that he was going to try the next day if the customer didn't show up with the dryer.
 He did, and it was much newer than our other one. Jacob brought it home and it works like a charm and is much faster than our other dryer was. It has been so nice to do laundry at my house again!
 The Lord provides for His children! He can use anything or anyone to accomplish His will. He delights in caring for and rewarding His children for their trust in Him.

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