Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

On Labor Day 2008, I met my Jacob for the first time. I didn't know then that he would be my husband :)
This year we spent it with my parents. My youngest brother spent most of the weekend with us then we all headed out to my parent's home Sunday night after church. Monday was spent playing--riding 4-wheelers and shooting skeet. My siblings start school today so we had to have one last fling :)
 I have to take a moment and brag about my awesome husband who can fix anything: The 4-wheeler in the picture was given a cosmetic overhaul by Jacob last week. Someone had taken it to the deer lease and somehow the straps holding it released and it bounced off the trailer and down the interstate. The truck was going 70mph so the damage was pretty bad. The handle bars and bumper were very bent and the pipe on the front and back racks were practically ground off. All of the plastic fenders were damaged. Upon closer inspection though, there was no damage to the motor or the frame and Jacob was able to buy replacement parts and fix it. Now it almost looks brand new. :) Thank You Lord for my Mr. Fix-It!
  The weather has been gorgeous! We finally got some rain and a little norther blew in. It has been around 85*--with no humidity and a nice breeze. That is a great change from the 106* weather we've been having. We had twenty consecutive days that the temperature was over 100.
  Now it's back to normal--I have a mountain of laundry from the weekend that needs attention, menu planning that needs doing and a pineapple doily that is almost finished. Keepers of the Faith classes start back up this week so I have crafts and lessons to plan.
 Take heart--fall is almost here!

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