Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Ideas than Time

or: Confessions of a Side-tracked Homemaker
This is to dispel any notion that some people have that I am almost SuperWoman. Most of the time I feel like a little kid who is playing house. Honesty Alert!!!!

My fall 2011 flowerbed :) Maybe I can keep these alive...
I'm finding out lately that I am easily distracted and sidetracked. I think it comes from feeling that I have all the time in the world to get things done, then reality sets in and I am scurrying to get the most important things finished at the last minute. I think it is because I do have more time than I used to before I was married. It doesn't take long to take care of things around here and I feel like I've got all the time in the world. Procrastination is a problem of mine.
 I get my best ideas and inspirations while I'm at church, or while I'm in the shower. I'm at church and in the shower a lot so I get lots of ideas ;) I am the type of person who gets an idea and wants to begin RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Hurry before the inspiration leaves me!
   I have menu plans for four weeks all typed up that I rarely follow. Unfortunately, right now we live our life at the speed of light and at the spur of the moment, so any concrete plans can be difficult to follow. This adds to my hesitation to try and make any sort of a concrete schedule--why do it if it won't work?
   I have a tendency to focus solely on the project at hand and let everything else go.
 I do my best work at the last minute. I have been known on many an occasion to be up into the wee hours of the morning trying to get something finished on time. My wedding dress is the exception :)
  And I'm always starting new projects. I think I have maybe four in the works right now....Sometimes I get bored in the middle of a project and just quit and never finish it. A nine-patch quilt, a baby blanket, a dress for myself, just to name a few.
 Is there any hope for me? Well, I have been trying to do better.
I've been forcing myself to finish a project before I begin a new one.
I have been stopping at a certain time each day and making sure other, more important things get done.
I make LOTS of lists. It helps me tremendously to see items checked off of a list.
I am forcing myself to prioritize things and order my day.
I'm trying balance my crafty side with my housekeeper side and not let the crafty side win as many times. I have to make the grown-up me control the little kid me and not let it run wild.
  I've also read and been told that an organized home is a peaceful home. I know this to be true. Things are much more peaceful and smooth when I am on top of my game and know exactly where everything is and have things done. It makes for a happier husband. When I know what is for supper, and he has plenty of socks in his sock drawer ( I DETEST matching socks, by the way), things go smoother.
  Hopefully one day I'll get this down. Until then, I have a lots of work cut out for me.

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