Thursday, April 12, 2012

Annaleigh update

This is the latest update on little Annaleigh. This is from her grandfather:

Annaleigh is a very sick little girl. Again we thank you for prayers, love, visit, texts, snacks etc

The Weester has been given a 20% survival chance for tonight. Having already endured 45+ minutes of CPR already, the doctors say that they will not resuscitate in the event her little heart stops tonight. They are giving 3 drugs for her heart at maximum levels and much fluids for blood pressure therefore the balance for heart survival is precarious. Should her little heart tire out tonight, then we count that as God's decision to take her.

Should she survive the night, tomorrow's mountain is bigger than tonight's due to Friday being danger day for brain swelling. Our little girl faces a difficult time the next few hours and in all reality, we are already living with extended grace for her life.

Should the Lord decide to take our Annaleigh on to be with him, we are so thankful for the 15 months of joy she brought into our lives. We will never forget the giggles, wiggles, bows and snuggles she brought to our home. We never thought one little girl could brighten up so many days. And who could have known that 100 pictures per day on FaceBook would give here such a celebrity status. The little thing never wore a bow or outfit 2 times, ha. That last remark will get me in trouble.

I thank the Lord for this fellowship of people who offer love and care unreservedly. Thanks to everyone for prayers offered on behalf of our sweet Annaleigh and family

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  1. Thank you for posting this! We will continue praying!