Thursday, April 12, 2012


Please hold Annaleigh up in prayer. She is the 15 month old daughter of a friend of ours. She drowned yesterday afternoon and was placed on a respirator yesterday after they found a faint pulse. She is on full life support now and has undergone a blood transfusion. There was some seizure activity through the night as well. An EKG revealed little or no activity.The doctors have given the family no hope, but we serve a God who heals. Nothing is too hard for God.

Above all, please ask that His will be done in this situation. I’ll give updates as I receive them.

Annaleigh and her mommy Redonia


  1. Praying for Annaleigh and her family!

  2. We will be praying as well! Please keep us updated! ~Jordan

  3. How awful, I've prayed already

  4. Putting her and her family on our prayer list..

  5. Thank you all for your prayers! This is the latest update from her mother:
    "She is still in critical condition and not able to breathe on her own .. She had some small seizures but they were able to give medicine to stop them .. She is getting a CAT Scan and MRI right now and then the dr will go over all results with us and we will know where she is .. God is a miracle worker and we need one .. Please continue to pray with us .."