Friday, April 20, 2012


I leave today for our Keepers of the Faith mother/daughter camping trip we have every spring. I’m excited to be able to go and spend more relaxed time with the girls in my group, but at the same time I’m not looking for to being away from my husband for a few nights. He has assured me that he’ll be fine and he is looking forward to spending the weekend with my dad and brothers.

After several years of tent camping we finally perfected our method and found a place with a large lodge with lots of bedrooms and a huge kitchen and living/dining area. It is wonderful and now it is the only place we care to go to.


I’ve taught the same  group of Keepers of the Faith girls for four years and have had most of them since they were eight years old. Now most of them are nearing thirteen. Where did the time go? They are all blossoming into sweet young ladies who really love each other and their families. Yes, I’m very proud of my girls.

I’ll share pictures from our fun weekend ;)

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  1. We do Keepers of the Faith, too, and love it. :) Hope you have a wonderful week-end with your girls.
    Much love!