Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bye-Bye Baby Annaleigh

Last night I stood beside the tiniest casket I’ve ever seen. The little porcelain doll lying in it had only a week before been wanting to play with my husband during church service. She and her mommy were sitting in the row behind us so he compromised with her and let her hold his hand while she drank from her sippy cup. He held her for a little while and gave her back. Redonia was surprised because Annaleigh was at the age where she didn’t really care for men other than her Poppy or Uncle Trent. After a little while she still wanted to play so she began patting me on the shoulder.

  There were close to 2500 people at the viewing last night. Some people waited over an hour to get in the door.

I watched Redonia go to almost every person there, hug them, and thank them for coming and tell them how much it meant to her. A little while later I watched her carry around a little girl about Annaleigh’s age and size. I can only imagine the aching emptiness her arms and heart must be feeling right now. I don’t know if I could be that strong.

  I have never seen a family grieve with so much grace and thankfulness. They are hurting so deeply but they constantly point to the Lord and say that He knows best and it is well.

Today is Annaleigh’s homegoing service. The family has called it “Annaleigh’s Playdate with Jesus.” Please pray for the family today as they say their last goodbyes to their little Princess.


Annaleigh playing with Jacob’s hand in church.

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  1. Still praying for this dear family, Rebecca. And praising the Lord for their faith and trust in Him.