Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12

Busy, busy busy! That is me right now.

This week started off rather sorrowfully--my beloved sewing machine nearly gave up the ghost. I just knew she was mortally wounded and rushed her to the hospital. There is an elderly man in my hometown who works on sewing machines and is amazing with them. That's where I took the 'ole girl. He and his wife have been married almost 60 years and they are wonderful Christian people.
 He called me about an hour later and told me that the clutch assembly had gone out (I didn't even know my machine had a clutch!) and sadly, Singer had discontinued that line of parts. He was checking with some other suppliers to see if he could get a matching part for it. But it would probably take a little while to get the parts in. This was not good news, especially since we are about to move. I didn't want to be without a sewing machine for a few weeks.
 Thankfully, my Mom had a spare machine she had picked up at a yard sale about a month ago. It needed to be put back in time and needed a presser foot. She dropped it by the sewing machine shop the same day that I took mine. Mr. Williams went ahead and fixed Mom's machine so I would have one to take with me.
  Well, yesterday Mom and the girls came over and brought the machine to me. Mom decided to just give it to me! I was shocked and so excited. So I'm saved :) and have a machine to take to Waco.

This is what my home looks like right now--boxes everywhere. My poor coffee table is buried. I'm trying to get everything packed to leave. I've got multiple lists of things we can't forget scattered throughout the rooms. I don't really like moving :(

This is what helps me keep going ;) Thank the Lord for coffee!

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  1. Coffee is amazing...and Keurig coffee makers are so GREAT! :-)