Monday, November 7, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7

Today I am thankful for adventures that the Lord gives us.
 I feel like my life has been full of adventures thus far. A few months after I turned sixteen my family moved Campeche, Mexico. My father had a job offer to manage a rice farm there. We lived there for a year. It was one of the most fun and unique things I've ever done. We were in a completely different culture, away from everything and everyone that was familiar to us. It caused our family to grow closer and stronger.
  We were almost in the tropics, and we were surrounded by iguanas, howler monkeys and wild parrots. We lived 45 minutes away from Mayan ruins and six hours away from Cancun.

Not too far from us there  was a very old city named Palizada. It was an import city on the Palizada river. The houses have red-tiled roofs like you would see in Italy or France. The ships would use the tiles for ballast on the journey over then would remove the tiles and fill with cargo and leave the tiles in Palizada.
  It was always hot where we lived, and for two birthdays in a row (my 16th and 17th) I got to go swimming. This was a real treat as my birthday is in December! My 17th birthday was spent in Rio Indio, a small little place with snow white sands and clear deep blue water. It was heavenly! We had miles of beach all to ourselves.
 We moved home when we learned that Mom was expecting Hannah.
 My father and I went to two father/daughter retreats in Georgia. It was wonderful. The second year we took Wendi with us.
  Now the newlywed adventure occupies me and we have been presented with another opportunity. We're moving!  Jacob's work is moving us to another city about 4 hours away for a few months.
 I'll be preparing this week, deciding what to take and what to leave. I never thought I would live in TWO cities! :)
  I was visiting with one of my grandmothers last weekend and she told me that we never know how what we are learning now will affect our lives down the road.
 So even though I am a little unsure about this next little adventure, I want to learn everything that I can from it, and be content wherever I am.

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