Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Deerlease Trip

We made it home safely and quickly from our weekend at the deerlease. Our Thanksgiving was very fast--we arrived at my parents' home Wednesday night and headed out around 3:30 the afternoon of Thanksgiving, after making the rounds and seeing the grandparents.
  This was my first "official" deerlease trip to make with Jacob. We made a quick trip during the summer, but it wasn't hunting season. My dad and brothers arrived before we did and  the rest of us made it around 10:30 that night.
 The weather turned very cold and it rained during the night Friday. It is really beginning to feel like winter now.
  Here are the promised pictures!

The fellas, cleaning their guns and getting ready to hunt.
Josh and Jacob discussing the mechanics of...something, I'm not sure what ;)

 While the menfolk finished cleaning their guns and getting ready to make sure the guns' sights were accurate, I took a little walk and snapped some shots of the scenery. It was lovely and the weather was perfect.

All throughout the property runs the remains of an old stone wall that dates back to the Texas Revolution. It was neat that after all these years, so much of it remains and you can really tell what it was.
Sheep :) The deerlease owner's son trains sheepdogs and they have a small flock.

There are rocks everywhere.

Josh and Thomas. True story: Thomas was looking through the spotter scope and saw a fly on the target 100 yards away and told Josh: "Hey shoot the fly!" And he did ;) Yes, my little brother is a great shot.
The last of the flowers before the cold weather kills everything.
Ready to head out!

I went hunting with Jacob in the evenings. All we saw were very young deer, but it was fun just the same, even though we didn't get anything. I didn't know this until I went with Jacob, but deer will bark and warn other deer if something isn't right. We had been watching the two young does above for a while when they began to nervously look to the left. Then they started barking and lo and behold what walks out of the woods but a housecat ;)
 I hope you enjoyed all the photos!

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