Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving; Days 13 and 14

We made it safely to our new (temporary) home yesterday evening around 6:30pm. We had a safe, uneventful, easy trip with no detours and no stalls, just like we asked the Lord for :)
 It was my first time to drive that far alone (3 hrs!). I was following Jacob, but I had never been through the way that we came and I was a little bit nervous. Also, that is the longest we have traveled alone since we've been together. We have always ridden together and wow, that was a lonely trip!  Thankfully we didn't get separated in the traffic getting out of the city and soon we were back to two-lane highways, which are way more to my liking and style.
  Now the fun begins. Even though it is a fully furnished apartment that his company is providing for us, Jacob told me to bring as much as I needed to make it feel like home. We are on the third story and there is no elevator. My husband had the wisdom and foresight to bring home small boxes that do not hold much for me to pack in. My day today will be filled with many trips up and down stairs emptying my car. We took care of the truck last night and today is the  day all my "toys" get brought in.
 After I get everything unpacked I have big plans of adding to my winter wardrobe and working on Christmas gifts. AND figuring out my new sewing machine :)
  Now I'm off to make trip #20 of 350 up and down stairs. Oh boy....


  1. I enjoy it more when my husband and I can ride together as well. It's often the only time we get a concentrated amount of talking time. :-)

  2. Yes, it was a little sad--the whole trip I just looked at the back of his truck. He said he didn't like it either ;)