Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2

Yesterday was about sisters, today I'm thankful for my little brothers. People laugh when I say little, as they have been much bigger than me for years.

For many years, it was just us "Big Three". Not having a sister for so long, I would play trucks and guns with them and they would (sometimes) play dolls with me. More often than not we would end up playing "pioneer" which was a hybrid of the two--guns and babies. :)

 We big three have always felt like we were a unit--you didn't mess with one of us without messing with the other two. And you certainly didn't want to get in a debate with all three of us! :) We share the same visions and goals for our families and lives.
  We are happiest and have the most fun when we are together. We have always loved working on projects together, and my brothers are the main reason I enjoy firearms so much. They told me that ladies need to know how to shoot--after all, Jael took up a tent peg against the enemy. One day after working with me to get my groupings closer together and to the center of the target, Josh said, " isn't as close as I like it, but if it were a hog, a coyote or a man after you, he'd be pretty wounded and you could get away."
Typical pose for us three..none of us paying attention.
There, that's better :)

  Josh and Patric are a team. They work best together. They can take of the family business completely by themselves if my father has to be away. They can build almost anything and can fix almost anything.

  I am so proud of the men they are becoming, but even more, I am proud of the men of God that they are. They are dedicated in their walk with Him and their love for Him inspires and convicts me at the same time.

  I love them so much and miss them greatly. I'm just glad that we get to be together pretty often and that they love Jacob so much and vice-versa. It makes it easier to get together and have them over that way.
 Whoever gets either one of my brothers for a husband will be one lucky girl!

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